Friday, September 11, 2015

Grelmo Code Release 2015

Source code release for Electro-Music Festival 2015.

.zip file includes .ino files for:
Monophonic Synthesizer
Polyphonic Synthesizer
Ensemble Synthesizer
Drum Synthesizer

As well as experimental code:
Monosynth with Arpeggiator (uses Sharp analog distance sensor)
The Electronic Bobbie (uses Parallax WS2812B multicolor LED)

These are all compatible with the Arduino IDE 1.0.5 (but not later versions). Don't forget to disconnect the MIDI hardware from digitial pins 0 and 1 when uploading, otherwise it won't work!

Get the file here.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Two new tracks

Level 4: Uses the updated 4-voice synthesizer code
Level 5: Uses trio of new FM monophonic synthesizer, drum synthesizer, and polysynth
Both these tracks use an external delay but are otherwise unprocessed
All the code for this (and more) will be uploaded in the next post, prior to my presentation at Electro-Music next week.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Grelmo at EM2015

I will be presenting a lecture and open workshop on my work with Arduino synthesis at the awesome ELECTRO-MUSIC FESTIVAL in Huguenot, New York this September 12.  A choir of mannequins will be in attendance.

Grelmo Schematic

 How to hook up your Arduino (if you are using an Uno):

4 Voice Grelmo Demonstration Tunes

Videos demonstrating the functionality of the new 4-voice Grelmo code.

Recorded from pin 11 of a Freeduino SB with Atmega 168.